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Alright so, some of you cynics may be saying, why are they talking about plumbing during the holidays for crying out loud. It’s frosty time, it’s Rudolph time. Not on this program, it’s Linda Stanfield Time, it’s Benjamin Franklin Time. And you know if anybody thinks that it’s inappropriate to talk about plumbing at any time of year obviously they have never lived in a house where somebody has dropped a decoration into the toilet.That’s right.

But lets talk about living here and kinda relaxing in the warm weather that we’re having this week forgetting last week and forgetting the up coming cold times that are ahead. Why does that make any difference to us at all? what can we do about it?

Well, it does really make a difference. This here is a pipe that was frozen and so we do have pipes that freeze.

Ahh, yes, yes, it was.

But what’s really important is that it breaks. And so the water expands when that water freezes and it will break your pipe. And when it melts is when you have a lot of running water.

Okay well now you’ve described the problem to me, what can I do? I don’t even know where my pipes are.

Well anything that is outside, it would be just like a fruit tree. So if it’s time to cover your fruit trees, look around, see if find exposed pipes on the outside of your walls. See if you find exposed hose valves. You can cover them. Here’s some foam that people easily can get and they can just go ahead and cover the pipe and keep them warm.

Can I get it with Benjamin Franklin or do I have to go to a hardware store?

Yes, they can do either, you bet. The valves, your main shut off things like that you can throw a nice towel or blanket over top of them, keep em warm. That will keep your water warm. So it’s just like a soda pop can that the soda gets, it expands as it freezes, it will just burst that can, it does the same thing to your pipes and valves outside.

Well that’s fine if my pipes are outside, what if I have the luxury of indoor pipes?

Indoor pipes, if your home is warm, the pipes are going to stay warm, you shouldn’t have any problem.

Really, I mean even if it gets down to really really chilly?

If you have your heater on, right.

Alright, this is something that never occurred to me until I looked at the material they give me. Well you know we could talk for ages and we have for years, but I never thought about plumbing items as gifts at Christmas time. And the more I read about them the more I thought, well wait a minute, that’s a good idea, that’s practical, I’d like to have that. Like what?

There are a lot of things that people don’t purchase for themselves. There are a lot of things that you want to buy for your kids, your parents, your aunt, your uncles, they have everything, what would make their life better over the next year? Will they think of you every single day? So it might be a really nice kitchen faucet, a touch-less one, someone that bakes a lot they don’t have to touch it and fool around with the faucet, it might be a nice shower head that’s upgraded, this here is a Bluetooth one with a speaker in it.

Wait, wait, wait, I have bluetooth in my car, ok, I got a couple of bluetooth music devices in my house. This is a bluetooth shower head?

It sure is, now you can sing along to your tunes right above you. And it’s a very very nice shower head.

So I could have black moods music with me in the shower?
You can
That’s a little more intimate than I prepared for. What a great idea.

Another great item is a hot water recirculating pump. People all year long don’t like waiting for their hot water, and this the perfect time to give the gift.

Hello, yes, hi.

We’ve been talking about that.

Well, we’ve been talking about it because I don’t like to waste water, but I turn the hot water on a little while before I get in because I choose to have no surprises.

That’s right and a lot of people have a plan, they know what they want to do for 3-5 minutes while they’re waiting for their hot water. Isn’t that amazing.

A lot of water gone. So we have instant hot water?

We have warm hot water at the tap, so if you choose that you want it at your master bathroom everything along that line we can make warm. It’s really a simple pump that we can put on it, it’s available for most every home.

I’ve always been negatively disposed toward freezing water on naked Pat and so that’s a very very good idea. So for those of you wondering what can you possibly get..

That’s on the top of your list this year isn’t it.

Well yea, it is. I’m gonna give you a scenario now, cause you and I don’t chat about this ahead of time it’s spontaneous conversation.

It is, you bet. You’re putting me to the test.

Alright so we’re having a Christmas party or a New Years party alright. Everything’s going splendidly, house full of folks, and one of my guests goes to the bathroom, and for whatever reason it gets stopped up and begins to overflow, and then? is there anything that you can do in an emergency situation like this?

I would immediately turn it off.

What like the little faucet underneath,

Yes, and then call the best plumber in town, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we’ll come on out and save your party.

Well wait a minute, so the party is going on now and I’m planning on having these guests for some considerable length of time, how fast are you going to get to my house?

We’re very punctual, we’ll be there very quick with bells on.

You’re never going to get a lead in like that.

The fact that we do have however, embarrassing plumbing problems like that, embarrassing always but especially if you have guests. What else happens during the holidays?

You know we’re doing a lot more drains, So we’re doing more cooking, we’re putting stuff down, maybe our guest is putting things down that they didn’t know that your disposal really couldn’t cut up. So it’s really nice to let your guests know what can your disposal handle what is it that your drains usually can handle. Some of our drains are more sensitive than somebody else’s so it’s nice to know your plumbing and then just give some words of wisdom to your guests.

Stand by for the year end award winning segway, but you say you’ll be on time, how do we know that you’re going to back that up?

Because we’ll pay you $5 a minute if we’re late, and our customers love it if we’re late. 3 or 4 times a year we are late and we pay it.

The punctual plumber, Benjamin Franklin. I come on time too, every morning at this time. Cause it’s the Morning Scramble.emergency plumber scottsdale az

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