Help With Polybutylene Plumbing

Hi, I’m Linda Stanfield owner of Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Chandler, Arizona. Today, I want to help with polybutylene plumbing. Polybutylene piping is a pipe that was ran in most homes between the ’80s and up to mid-90s. One way you can find if you have polybutylene piping is you can look in the attic, you can look at crawl spaces, sometimes you can look outside where you have your exposed piping. Look and see if you see a blue color piping. It could also be shown in gray, black or white. Most piping all have a label on it. So it would be labeled and it would say polybutylene on it. The important thing to know about polybutylene piping is it is defective. And it’s important to replace that as soon as you can. Many home owners have had major leaks with that. If you want to wait until you have a leak it is not recommended to repair that leak. It is definitely recommended to replace that piping. A couple options that i have for you today is he pex piping. Pex is another type of plastic piping but it is very, very durable and it is very reputable. So we do recommend pex plumbing, piping in the recommended areas that makes it work. You also have the standard copper piping. Standard copper piping has been around for a long time and again that is labeled and marked and is a very, very good option for repiping your home. Thank you so much for watching today, and I’m Linda Stanfield with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. This has been my help with polybutylene plumbing

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