How to Check the Pressure on a House Plumbing Line

How to Check the Pressure on a House Plumbing Line —powered by
Hi, I’m Linda Stanfield owner of Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Chandler, Arizona, and today I’m going to help you check the pressure on your water plumbing line. This is a simple plumbing water pressure gauge that you can find at any local plumbing store. The reason you would want to check your pressure is to make sure that you don’t have ongoing plumbing repairs come up in the future and to go ahead and protect any warranties on appliances that are connected to your water lines. So you simply take this water gauge and you go ahead and place it on any hose bib outside of your home. You can hand tighten this so that there’s no leaks coming out. If you feel like you need to use a wrench feel free to. You want it tight enough that there’s no leaks. You simply turn on your hose bib and you read your pressure. Ultimately you would want your pressure to be between 50 and 75 PSI. You can keep that pressure gauge on for a couple days. Watch it, because it may change throughout the day or evening depending on how much water’s being used around your neighborhood. And that’s how you test your water pressure plumbing line. Thank you so much, I’m Linda Stanfield with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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