How to Install PVC Plumbing Drain Pipes



Hi, I’m Linda Stanfield owner of Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Chandler, Arizona. Today, I’m going to go ahead and share with you how to install p-trap plumbing drain pipes underneath your sink. A few items that you will want to have handy that will help your installation go much smoother is a nice bowl to catch the old water from the old drain, a towel to go ahead and wipe up anything that may get outside the bowl, a hacksaw in case you need to shorten the new drain up, a wrench in case you need this to untighten the old drain that may be a little bit tighter than the normal, and of course your new assembly. So for demonstration purposes I have a drain here that is color coated. And this just simply is here to show you, you are going to find some water in here and it’s okay. When you start taking apart the old drain go ahead and let that water drip into your bowl. That’s what it’s there for and that’s okay. Next when you go ahead and install your new drain you’re going to have some pieces. Go ahead and connect the back to the drain coming out of the wall and then go ahead and just go ahead and put this here together by your hand. This is how you install your new p-trap drain. Thank you so much for watching, this is Linda Stanfield and that is how to install PVC Plumbing Drain Pipes.


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