Plumbing Troubleshooting Repairs


Hi, I’m Linda Stanfield owner of Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Chandler, Arizona. Today, I’d like to share with you how to troubleshoot plumbing repairs. I have three different ways I can share with you. One would be to visually look to see if you see standing water around the floor, if you see warped cabinets, or if you see stains on the ceiling or on the drywall or cracks. Any of those areas you would want to go ahead and further investigate while that’s happening and if the leak has been repaired or if you still have water somewhere around. Number two would be can you hear the water running? Can you hear hissing? Anything that you hear water running through a toilet or in the walls, it shouldn’t be doing that. You want to go ahead and further investigate why do you hear water running and make sure it’s proper. Number three, what has changed from yesterday? Has the faucet pressure changed? Yesterday it was good, today it’s lower. Anything like that you may have a clog, some debris in the line, or you may have water running someplace else. You want to further investigate what has changed and why and make sure it’s proper. Thank you so much, I hope you’ve enjoyed these troubleshooting plumbing repairs with me today, I’m Linda Stanfield.

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