Sewer Smells From Dry Traps in Plumbing

Sewer Smells From Dry Traps in Plumbing —powered by
Hi, I’m Linda Stanfield with Benjamin Franklin plumbing from Chandler, Arizona. Thank you so much for joining me today. What I’m going to share with you is how to help the sewer smells from your dry traps in your plumbing system. What I’d like for you to have is a flashlight to start off with. Usually those sewer smells are coming from the drain areas of your bathroom sinks or your shower drains or bathtub drains. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So if you take your flashlight and you look at inside down your drain, look to see if you see any water. Just look right over it, see if you see any water. This here is just a sample of a drain that I had painted to show you where the water should be standing at all times. What that does is that gives you a great seal from the sewer smell coming into the drain and back up into your house. You want water in there. If you don’t see water simply just pour water in there, put the faucet on, let water fill in there and it should stay in there. This here is a sample of what’s underneath your bathtub drains or your shower drains. Again you want to look down in there, look to see that there’s water standing in there. Once water is standing in there your sewer smells will go away. Thank you so much for watching today, I’m Linda Stanfield of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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