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3 Major Causes of Drain Clog and Their Remedies

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Plumbing cuts across the board and affects residential and commercial property owners. Drainages and sewer lines need to be well preserved for a better environment. Clogged drains have affected so many people since it is the most common plumbing issue today. Although DIY is common, blockages are serious matters that can only be sorted by professionals in this section.

However, there are minor blockage issues that you can resolve with the proper tools at hand. If you are uncertain that you have a clogged drain, here are some of the common causes of clogging and the possible remedy to resolve the matter.

It is best if you learned that clogging is caused by several things such as hair, soap, dirt, and food waste, among others like oil.


Among the key contributors to clog includes human hair, stringy stuff, and also animal fur. This mostly affects the shower’s laundry and the bathroom drains. Knots will be formed, which will then be combined with other substances attaching themselves to parts of the drain. If you notice that your house has drain issues caused by hair or strings, ensure that you plunge your drain. Additionally, using commercial drain cleaners might be an option, although no recommended since some cause damages to pipes.


Have you noticed slow drainage or backups in your shower or bathroom drains? This means that your drain is clogged, which could be caused by soap residue. Soap scum reduces the diameter of the pipe, which translates to slow drainage. However, pressure cleaning has resolved issues to do with soap scums from building up.


Many have thought that washing away the dirt in the drain is a great idea, but they are not aware that they are facilitating the clogging process. When dirt is combined with hair, grease, and soap cause bigger damage for your drainage. Hiring skilled plumbers and plunging are some of the remedies available to have your drain cleaned and the clog eliminated.

Do you have clogging issues in the Phoenix, AZ metro area including Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, and Scottsdale? Fixing yourself and investing in preventing the issue from happening will save you a few bucks and time.