Avoiding The Summer Plumber Bummer

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School is out and that means summer geataway season is upon us!

Before you escape the triple digit heat, you might want to take these three necessary precautions to avoid triple digit costs (or more) due to water damage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage is one of the most common and costly disasters affecting U.S. residences.

— For the Shower: Avoid a bad smell when you return home by pouring a little bit of drain maintenance product (BioBen) down your drain prior to leaving. It’s also important that your garbage disposal is cleared out. Run water down the disposal so food particles can properly wash all the way down the drain line.

— For the Kitchen: Inspect hoses and faucets, especially those leading to the refrigerator ice-maker, drinking water system and dishwasher. Replace hoses or shut off valves already showing that they’re worn (i.e. hose is bubbling or corrosion) feel for moisture with cracks or leaks. Typically you’ll want to replace hoses every five to seven years, or when you see signs of corrosion..

— For Outside: Make sure your main shut off valve is in working order and turn it off before you leave if you don’t need any water on while you’re gone. Check hose bibs to be sure they are not dripping or corroded so they aren’t damaging the foundation of the house.

We have seen so many summer disasters while people are traveling on vacation. We dont want the same to happen to you!

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