The Best of Pinterest This Week: Bathroom Edition

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Every once in a while it is good to see how the rest of the world views plumbing and to see what they are talking about.  Pinterest is a fantastic place to get a quick glimpse of the world.  Plumbing is not only a job for us, it provides us with a meaningful purpose to serve others.  We think about, and we blog about it.  And yes, we are social about it.


This week in pinterest we found some unique posts about bathrooms:

Here are 15 unique decorating guides for small bathrooms:

15 Incredible Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - clean + minimal white bathroom with wooden floors

Here is a guide to bathroom makeovers


Here are 24 strange toilet designs:

Bling Bling toiletHi, Need you impressions for you new dreamhouse:: financing, floor plans, exterior cladding, roof, Windows, electrics, heating, doors, Hall, living / dining room, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathroom, workroom, wall - flooring, gardens and more. NEW-HOUSESOLUTIONS Check created pages on our for you.


We will be on the lookout for more interesting plumbing ideas.  If you have any, or would like some repins, let us know!