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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing wants you to remember your Loved ones during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Our hearts go out to everyone whose life has been affected by breast cancer. Our October Special: Let us support someone in need.  Do you know someone that is going through breast cancer or is a survivor? Nominate them for up to $1,000 of plumbing services by Oct. 31st, 2013.
It’s easy.  Fill out the contact information above with the following:

  1. Contact us with both names, the person nominating and the person being nominated.
  2. Give us both phone numbers and email addresses.
  3. Please share why this person is so special.
  4. Yes, you can nominate yourself. The winner must be a homeowner with a plumbing service need in the Phoenix area.

That’s it.  Spend some time with your family this month and make sure they know you’re thinking of them.