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To Unclog a Toilet, it’s best not to have a Clogged Toilet

“Help!  I clogged the toilet!”

So how do you avoid a clogged toilet and how do you unclog a toilet?  Those dreaded words that no parents want to hear—“Help! I clogged the toilet!” Like many plumbing issues, education and prevention go a long way toward avoiding problems. Here are a few things for parents to know:

  1. Teach kids what to put in the toilet

Two things belong in the toilet: what comes out of your body and toilet paper. With children, teaching them how much toilet paper to use is an important lesson. Teach children that 2-4 squares of toilet paper is enough. If they need to use more, teach them to flush frequently to prevent too much from going down at one time.

2.  Teach kids what NOT to put in the toilet.

What does not belong in the toilet? Cotton balls, facial tissue, baby wipes, disposable wipes, floss, Q Tips, paper towels and, of course, toys. Keep the top of your toilet clear as well as the counters and ledges near your toilet to prevent items from falling in. Warn children about items falling out of their pockets and into the toilet, too.

3.  What to do when you get a clogged toilet and how to unclog a toiletClogged Toilet? Learn how to Unclog a Toilet

You have a dreaded clog—now what? Often you can unclog a toilet on your own.  Sometimes simply waiting overnight can help a clogged toilet. Otherwise, using a plunger is a tried-and-true remedy  in dealing with a clogged toilet.  To use a plunger effectively, first make sure the plunger is sealed at the bottom of the toilet. Then, pump the plunger up and down without breaking the seal. When the pressure has built up, pull up on the plunger to break the seal. Hopefully the pressure with the water in the bowl will push all at once to push the clog through and unclog the toilet.

Coming up on the blog I’ll be showing you how to use a “Zip It,” a tool that anyone can use. Look out for the video soon!

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