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Chandler Plumber on Overseeding and Water Conservation

Even though we are still experiencing triple-digit temperatures in the Phoenix valley, the changing shadows and shorter days remind us that fall is on its way. This chandler plumber wants to help you prepare your lawn. When fall arrives, homeowners start thinking about overseeding their lawns. We recently received some excellent information about overseeding season that we would like to share with you.

As your Chandler, Arizona plumber, we wanted to make sure that you were aware of the “WaterSaver eNewsletter,” Free Landscaping & Watering Tips Delivered to Your Inbox from the City of Chandler.

In their latest issue, they offer great information and tips for establishing a winter lawn. For example, did you know that there is no law requiring a winter lawn, unless your HOA CCRs mandate it? The investment in labor, materials and additional water to overseed are optional to homeowners.

It’s also interesting to know that more lawns in Chandler are overwatered in the winter months than in the summer!

If you want to save money and avoid spikes in water consumption, here are some tips from the newsletter that we thought you’d be interested in:

Wait to overseed until nighttime temperatures are consistently below 65 degrees–usually mid-October to mid-November.

Two weeks before overseeding, change the setting on your irrigation controller and cut the watering frequency in half for your turf stations (but do not turn the water off completely).

Scalp the lawn and use the clippings as a top-dressing after the seed in spread.

Cover the seed with 1/4 inch of mulch, clippings from scalping or steer manure to retain moisture.

Water 3-4 times a day with just enough water to keep the top 1/2 inch of soil wet.

When grass is one inch tall, reduce water to once a day.

When the lawn is established, water once every week, preferably after the 2nd or 3rd mowing.

Being your local Chandler plumber, we are committed to helping you save water and money and appreciate the City of Chandler for educating the community on these topics. You can go sign up to receive the WaterSaver eNewsletter in your email inbox right here:

Of course if you need plumbing services or a plumbing inspection or tune-up this fall in Chandler, Arizona or any valley city, we’d love to help you. (602) 273-1740