Check Your Water for Chlorine

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It’s that time of year again where the temperature gets unbearably hot. Would you drink or shower in pool water? Have you tested the chlorine in your home water?

The cheapest way to stay hydrated is to drink water from your home faucet. However, sometimes drinking from the sink becomes unenjoyable due to a high concentration of chlorine.

Chlorine in your tap water can cause your water to both taste and smell funny. Softeners dont take the chlorine out, they reduce the hardness of your water.

Right now, staying hydrated in Arizona is more important than ever. Don’t settle for poor tasting water, filling water jugs or buying water elsewhere …your water can be just as good as buying outside your home, with our help. Call Benjamin Franklin to get your water tested or fixed now.

An excess of chlorine has other harms too. Chlorine has similar properties to bleach. Therefore, showering in over chlorinated water (like pool water) dries out your skin and hair. The bleaching agent in chlorine also is harmful when doing laundry. The chlorine in your water may be what is causing the color in your precious clothes to fade or your breathing or skin to be more problematic, from taking baths and showers in chlorine filled water.

Don’t settle for harmful water in your home, have it tested today! Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to get your water’s chlorine content tested or fixed today.