Dingy laundry. Spotty Dishes. Shower Buildup.

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These three things could be occurring because of a few problems with the source of water that affects your laundry and cleaning not the actual cleaning machines themselves.

We have talked about what Chlorine and Hardness are, and how they affect your quality of water but do you know how the quality of your water damages your plumbing system?

Damaged Pipes


Due to Chlorine attacking pipes

Leaking Faucets

Due to Hardness corroding sealsScale Buildup

Due to Hardness clinging to pipesLeaky Toilet

Due to Chlorine attacking rubber gaskets

These are a few steps that will help you determine what kind of water treatment would be best for you, before you get something that is really not right for your needs.

  • Check with your city and find the report for the water coming to your home, Dr. Oz has a link by zip code to your local report.
  • Review that call your city or the safe drinking water hotline 1-800-426-4791 with any questions or concerns you see.
  • Test your own water in your home, we have local testing agencies that can do this for you, if you need to find them contact us for their information.


H20 Harmony water filtration systems offer a solution for laundry and cleaning water quality.

Soft Harmony: Is a whole-house water softener that takes hardness out

Switching to a Whole-House water system will give you:

  • Shiny, virtually streak-free glasses and dishes

  • Clear, fresh, great tasting water

  • Improved odor

  • Brighter, whiter laundry

  • Shiny fixtures

  • Spot-free shower & bath

  • Improved life of household appliances

  • Will lessen household cleaning time & will use less energy= saving you money!

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