DIY: Plumbing Holiday Decor

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Today’s Do It Yourself Project is a Holiday Wreath.. and it happens to be made with plumbing materials! If you’re looking for one of a kind holiday decor or just a fun holiday do it yourself project then this is for you! Most of these things you can either find lying around your house, tucked into holiday decoration boxes in your garage or pick up at the store for under ten dollars.
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The Square Christmas wreath is assembled out of:

5 – 6 feet of thick garland or 12 feet of cheap, sparse garland (double up the cheap stuff)

66 inches of 1/2 ” plastic plumbing pipe

4, 1/2″ 90° plastic elbows

      1. (The plastic pipe will run you about $5


      1. and the elbows around 50 ¢ each.)

Twist ties

Holiday Decor add on’s (pinecones, glittery leaves, feathers, etc.)

Mini lights

First start with the piping. Cut your plastic pipe to 4 lengths of 16.5 (if you don’t have the tools to do this at home you can have the hardware store cut them for you)

Then insert the pipe into your 4 elbows

After you connect all the pieces you should have a square frame for your wreath.

Next you’ll need your garland. We took the traditional green, but feel free to experiment with glitter garlands or even feather boas if you plan on using it for inside holiday decor in a kids room. You can even skip a step by getting garland that already has lights woven in. (But technically your garland should not have the lights on it at this point so that the lights are easier to replace if broken later on) Next, lay your garland around your frame. Remember you can double up on the garland if needed!

After you lay the garland around the frame, attach it to the plastic frame with wire. Twist ties work best because they’re pre-cut and fairly inexpensive. Do this all around the wreath until all of the garland is secured.

From here, all you have left is to add the lights (if your garland didn’t come with them) and your add on holiday do-dads.

    TIP: It’s easier if you hang the wreath up to do this. That way you can see exactly how it’s going to look. You can hang it with an old wreath hanger or pick one up at the dollar store.

NOW you can put your mini lights on. Instead of running them around and around the wreath, lay the lights on top in a zig zag fashion. That way if your lights need to be replaced you can easily remove them.

Once the lights are on you can add in your birch twigs, leaves and pinecones. To attach the pinecones, just hook some wire around the pinecone and then tie it to the wreath.

You can also pick up wreath add ons at your local super store or craft store for a few dollars that already have wire ties attached to them.

The best thing about making your own wreath is you can reposition things if they don’t look good. You can also reuse the base year after year, and just switching out the add ons if you want!

And then for the final product….TADA!

A huge thanks to for today’s inspiration!