Earth Day is not Just about Trees

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While April might bring us some showers for May flowers, this month we’ll celebrate Earth Day on April 22 among other observations.

However, Earth Day is not all about trees; it’s to promote the preservation and protection of our environment. Very few people take the time to think about and fully understand the connection between plumbing, physical health and the quality of the water in their home.

With lead in drinking water in Michigan might have Valley residents considering installing a whole-house water filtration system to mitigate lead exposure, another health concern is the amount of chlorine in your tap water.

In addition to hard water containing a high mineral composition containing heavy metals that can lead to irritation, inflammation and itchiness, chlorine can dry and strip the top layer of the skin of its natural oils and can be a health risk for kids with asthma.

Water filters, are different then a water softener, they are often the first line of defense against waterborne illnesses and are the best source for understanding the quality of the water coming out of the faucets, assuming that the filters are properly maintained.

Did you know that most of the water that you use on a daily basis is recycled? There is no “new” water. So you can imagine how easy it is for the water we drink, bathe in, and use to wash our clothes is not as clear and clean as we’d like it to be.

A home water filtration system or having your filter replaced by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will give you healthy water without filling our landfills with used water bottles. If interested in getting a water filter system installed, check out our special discount below.

Already have one and need a little help with maintaining your water filter, be sure to check out our video below and let us know if we can help you replace your current water filters for a fresh clean start to spring.