How to Tell the Difference Between an Emergency or a General Plumbing Situation

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When does a leaky faucet become an emergency situation? If you have some plumbing problems in Arizona, but you’re not sure if it’s time to call a plumber or not, then this article can help. Here are a few ways that can help you differentiate between an emergency plumbing situation and a general plumbing situation.

1. Flooding

A leaky faucet isn’t the end of the world, though it certainly doesn’t help you save on water. A real emergency is when a pipe starts to leak so much that it starts flooding the home. This can be due to a water line break, a ruptured pipe, or a pipe that is experiencing tree root problems.

If you notice that your pipe is starting to leak a lot of water, and it’s accumulating, then it’s time to call for emergency plumbing in Arizona.

2. Sewage Leaking into Yard

Another emergency is if you notice that your yard has an odor. There are a few signs that your sewer line has a leak. The first is the presence of water. It can start to saturate your yard. The second is if your grass turns extremely green. This is due to the fertilizer being added to the soil from the sewer. You’ll also be able to detect a foul odor.

Sewer line leaks shouldn’t wait to be handled. It’s an emergency. Sewer water can leak into groundwater which can be dangerous to drink. Call a plumber in Arizona to take care of your sewer line leak immediately.

3. Backed Up Toilets/Tubs

Sometimes a serious clog can become an emergency situation. If your toilet or tub starts to back up, then it could be facing a serious clog. While the clog is relatively easy to remove by a professional, it’s important that it’s done quickly. If you attempt to use the pipe while it’s clogged, you could make pressure build up in the pipe. This could result in a burst pipe and an even bigger problem.

These three instances are examples of emergency plumbing situations. To protect your health and home, call our trusted and top rated plumbers in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.