February Toilet TLC

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February brings us the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day and more. Speaking of Super Bowl, did you know that the toilet is flushed more times during halftime of the Super Bowl than any other time during the year?
With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air and we’d love for you to keep things at home running smoothly. Your toilet might need a little TLC, so here are some common situations that can you help you tackle the problem so your toilet can show you the love.
1)  When you put toilet paper in and flush it, does it flush and completely empty the bowl on the first flush?  … If it doesn’t look at the flapper, if it is worn, cracked or not sealing well, it needs to be changed.
2)  Does the handle work well? Or do you have to jiggle it or hold it.  Look at the inside, is it attached correctly? Is it broke?  … It may be time for a new handle.  The handle must be able to pull the flapper up correctly for the toilet flush to clear the bowl properly.
3)  When the toilet is flushing, does the water in the bowl have some good pressure and all go done easily?  … Try cleaning under the rim, most toilets have openings that water comes out of that can get clogged.