Green Products

Ben Franklin Plumbing Van
Ben Franklin Plumbing Van
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Eco friendly products can last 2-3 times longer, provide your home with endless hot water and reduce your energy costs by 50%. In addition, our solar products qualify you for all utility rebates and tax credits and could earn you up to $5000.

Ben Franklin Go HotWe have a variety of products that can save energy and reduce your environmental impact including:

  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters (goHOT™)
  • High Energy Efficient Hot Water Heaters
  • Point of Use Hot Water Systems
  • Recirculating Hot Water Systems
  • Bio-Ben Active Digester (keeps your drains clear)
  • 1.2 Gallon Low-Flow Toilets (ours really flush!)
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • EASYWATER™ (eco friendly water conditioning)
  • Low Water Usage Shower Heads

We have flexible installation options. Call us and ask how Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you go “green”!

Are you worried about your HOA not allowing solar units on your home? No need to worry, eco friendly products are protected by the Solar Energy Covenant Restrictions, A.R.S 33-439. This law protects Arizona home owners’ private property rights to solar access by dissolving any local covenant, restriction or condition attached to the property deed that restricts the use of solar energy and also grants reasonable attorney fees to any party who substantially prevails in litigation against an association’s board if directors.