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With the growing consciousness about plumbing fixtures for disabled people, plumbing companies are coming up with novel ideas to help such unfortunate people lead a normal and comfortable life along with all of the family members.

It is good to see that more and more houses are being built or remodeled to accommodate people with handicaps. We, at Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, show we care for both disabled people as well as elders by offering plumbing services that deal with handicap fixtures and special needs.

Some of the prominent handicap fixtures that are increasingly becoming popular are:

  • Handicap Bathroom Fixtures – with special reference to visually-handicapped people and all of the others with distinct mobility difficulties, there are special handrails, bath seats, bath chairs, grab bars and non-slippery floors. By installing these fixtures, we help such people in moving in and out of the place quite seamlessly. Apart from these facilities, there are also specially-built toilets and fixtures like handicap shower fixtures that are multi-dimensional. We offer plumbing services that deal with handicap fixtures like handicap wheelchair accessible bathroom fixtures that offer quite a number of advantages to disabled people.
  • Non-Assisted personal cleaning toilet seats. Yes, we have toilet seats that fit right on your own toilet that will help you clean yourself each time you use the toilet. No need for others to personally help someone after they go to the bathroom. Ask us about our Bidet seats.
  • Kitchen fixtures – remodeling or installing kitchen fixtures to suit disabled people is an important task. Like sinks, even countertops have to be fixed at convenient heights. It is better to install fixtures that can be adjusted according to the needs of the disabled person.
  • Walk in tubs and wheel in showers – There are wheelchair assessable shower stalls readily available. We can customize your shower or tub for your individual needs. It varies from one home to another.

Generally, handicap fixtures are designed carefully, keeping in mind the possible cases of usage; they ultimately aim in reducing discomfort and enabling disabled people as well as elders to lead a normal, comfortable life.

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