Happy New Years for Plumbing and You

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New Year’s resolutions for your home’s plumbing

We’re well into January and the kids are getting back to school. Many people create new year’s

resolutions or set goals for 2015 but have you considered making some new years resolutions for your

home’s plumbing? If you want to find and fix issues before they become problems or simply better

maintain your plumbing to save water and money this year, here are some ideas for resolutions you can

make from your plumber in Phoenix.


1. Get your water heater flushed.


Flushing your water heater should happen once a year so January is the perfect time to get this done,

then you can keep doing it every January to be sure your water heater continues to run efficiently.


2. Switch to water-saving fixtures.


Have you been meaning to switch your fixtures to water-saving versions? Low-flow shower heads and

dual-flush toilets are great improvements to make. Many of our customers find that new toilets and

shower heads aren’t just more efficient, but are more enjoyable, too.


3. Upgrade your kitchen and bath fixtures.


Changing out fixtures is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to spruce up your bathroom or

kitchen. There are so many options out there for various designs, styles and finishes from sleek chrome

to rubbed bronze. If you have leaky fixtures, upgrading them will also save you water.


4. Keep your drains clear.


Avoid standing water in the bathtub or a shower that drains slowly by using a Zip It tool (under $3 at

most retailers or home improvement stores) to clean out gunk and hair before it gets backed up. Using

Bio Ben, only available through Ben Franklin Plumbing, is also a great way to maintain clear pipes.


5. Have a plumbing inspection done.


Maybe you’ve been neglecting your home’s plumbing for a long time and want to make sure everything

is running properly to avoid any emergencies down the road. January is a great time to schedule your

home plumbing inspection. One of our highly-trained technicians would be happy to come out and

perform an inspection, answer your question and address your concerns. Whether you’re wondering

about how much longer your water heater will last or want to make sure your reverse osmosis system is

still working correctly, your Phoenix plumber is here to help.

If you need your water heater flushed, need help choosing or changing out fixtures or need an

inspection, call Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ for all your plumbing needs in 2015. Happy New Year from all

of us! (602) 273-1740