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Hard water is identified by its ingredients that are mainly collected from the rocky beds through which it flows. Another source of hard water is aquifers. Generally, hard water typically contains dissolved particles of minerals like calcium, manganese and magnesium carbonate.

The term “hardness” that is associated with water indicates certain undesirable qualities with regard to odor, taste or appearance. Even though there is no serious health implication associated with hard water, the effect on your plumbing fixtures can be felt over a period of time. While cooking or bathing, you can easily identify hard water.

Water around the Phoenix area is rated as one of the highest hard water cities around the country. The major problem posed by hard water regarding plumbing fixtures is that they re-crystallize when heated. Eventually, they form scales and lime deposits that harden and create clogging problems in all of those appliances that use water.

Consequently, these appliances will become troublesome and need repairs. As experienced and trained, water treatment professionals, our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, offer complete solutions to all of your hard water problems.

Even though there are no serious health implications caused by hard water, some people may suffer from skin irritations, sinus problems, and allergies.

You need to contact a well-experienced plumber for removing clogs from pipe lines, especially those caused by hard water. Due to the minerals present in hard water, the sides of pipe lines are clogged. Over a period of time, deposits and build up prevent water to flow like it should, pipes becomes too small to allow fast passage of water.

Once the holes become smaller, the pressure in pipes increases so much that there is a high risk of the lines deteriorating or may burst. Almost all of the states are facing hard water problem. So, if you are a homeowner and want to protect your pipe lines, it is a good idea to install a water softener or water quality device. It is worth the cost and efforts when compared to the cost of relaying or replacing of pipe lines.

If you think installing a water softener is not viable for you, then you can buy other products specially designed to tackle hard water. There are cleaning products that can be used to ‘flush’ all deposits of minerals, especially calcium.

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