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How Old Angle Stops (Shut off Valves) Can Leak or Cause Flooding

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Have an old angle stop or shut off valve leaking in your home or business in the Phoenix, AZ metro area?

If you do, you need to either call a professional plumber like the team of plumbing experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing or if you want to try to fix it yourself so it doesn’t cause flooding or even worse water damage and mold over time check out our helpful list below of the steps you need to take to replace an angle stop or shut off valve line.

How to fix an old Angle Stop (Shut off Valve)

  1. Remove the Angle the stop and make sure you shut off the water line first.
  2. Use two wrenches one to hold the compression nut and the other the shut off valve
  3. Loosen the compression nut but not the old angle stop
  4. Replace the water supply line and add a new angle valve
  5. Reattach the new line and angle vale by removing the compression nut and sliding it over the nipple.
  6. Replace the compression sleeve and then use the two wrenches again to hold the angle stop and tighten the nut.
  7. Remove the stem controlled by the faucet handle again using two wrenches one to hold the nut and one to turn the top.
  8. Clean the stem with a brush and remove any old debris that has built up over time. (white vinegar helps)
  9. After soaking lubricate the parts of the stem and faucet with grease and reattach.

Hat Tip: DIYNETWORK if you want to see pictures of the old angle stop replacement process

Some of the reasons you might need to replace your old angle stop or shut off valve.

  • Leaking Old Angle Stop
  • Build up on the nut or washers
  • Not up to code or standard and the old angle stop is old or an original old angle stop from when the house was built
  • Turning the old angle stop on and off too many times has causes wear and tear

Other option to fixing an old angle stop or shut off valve

Call our professional plumbing company and plumbers in Phoenix, AZ to save you time, money and the headache of repair your shut off valves or old angle stops to ensure you don’t cause a flood from a leak, mold, or the pain of not doing it right without the right parts and tools.