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How to Avoid Clogged Drains

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Clogged drains in your home can be prevented.  It’s really quite simple with this plumber’s secret.  If you are tired of clogged drains we have a safe and easy solution …BioBen.  BioBen is a biodegradable drain maintenance product so safe that you can eat it, but most of all it’s safe for all sewer lines and septic systems and is stamped Designed for the Enviroment by U.S. EPA.

The BioBen Process:

BioBen’s friendly bacteria eat away at greasy slime buildup and odorous residue, leaving your pipes and wastewater systems in top condition all year around when applied on a routine basis. It’s safe for both human handling and the environment.”

Are you tired of asking someone else in the house to clean out the slow drains or hate the smell of your drains?

Now you can easily do it yourself with BioBen, even if you don’t feel like you’re handy around the house.  If my sister can keep her drains clear with this, everyone can.  I say this with the most respect for my sister and love her dearly, but I also see how much happier she is now that she keeps those clogged drains away.

Top 10 Reasons To Use BioBen:

  1. Your tired of calling a plumber to clear your drains, even though you really like them.
  2. You know that grease, oil or fat products is washed down your drains regularly.
  3. Hair and short shaving hair is washed down the drain every day.
  4. Hair spray or gel are washed down the drain.
  5. Soaps or make up is rinsed down the drain line regularly.
  6. Laundry lint or dust  from the air build up in the laundry drain pipes and need to be cleared out.
  7. Food products are rinsed down the drain.
  8. Your drains are in need of rebuilding up friendly bacteria that every day household chemicals destroy.
  9. It is designed to work with plumbing and septic systems, it has met the EPA’s DfE challenge.
  10. It is a proven GREEN friendly formula that works!

This is what was found in a customers bathroom drain after 3 months of no treatment, can you imagine brushing your teeth everyday with this in the drain below?  But you don’t have to worry or feel sick about it, JUST USE BioBen!

What Forms Does BioBen It Come In?

  • Liquid Form
  • Dry Granules
  • Commercial Grade Auto- Dispensing System

But You say, I Just Use The Over The Counter Drain Cleaners Like Liquid Plumber, Why Change?

  1.  The number one reason, these over the counter products usually are used after a clog  or slow drain have occurred, where as BioBen keeps the clogs and slow drains away when used regularly.
  2. Most products over the counter are not safe to be around kids or animals. Please be sure to read the labels. I have had customers tell me how they hurt themselves using some of these products.
  3. They can be very harmful to the pipes, plumbing fixtures and the environment.
  4. If you’re not sure why the drain is slow or clogged, these chemicals can worsen a clog depending on how it adheres to the particles in the drain.  Sometimes a minor clog can turn into a very tough hard as cement type of drain clog that will take  professional help to clear.
  5. One bottle or jar will last most homes 6 full months of use.
  6. Use the same product for a number of needs, like bad smelling disposals and avoiding slow drains or clog.
  7. 100% Guarantee by Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber.
  8. Easy to get, your local Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber can ship it or deliver it to your home.
  9. BioBen is a safe quality product.

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