How to Drain Water Heater

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To learn how to drain a water heater, you must first turn off the water supply valve. Once you’ve closed the valve, you can flush the tank to remove any sediment. Once you’ve finished, you should shut off the valve once more and check the drain for any leaks. If you can’t locate the drainage valve, you may need to purchase one online. Follow these steps to learn how to empty a water heater.

Before draining your water heater, turn off the power to it. This is essential to avoid damaging your home. The best way to start the process is to remove the cover from your water heater. After you’ve removed the cover, remove the tank’s lid and then place the pan under the discharge line. Make sure to unplug any optional recirculation pumps. You can also try draining the tank by letting the water cool down.

To begin, disconnect the recirculation pump from the water heater. Plug in your hose. Connect the drain valve to the outside of the home and drain until the water runs clear. In general, one flush is sufficient for one year. If the sediment in your water is too much, you should consider installing a water treatment system or filter. Seek professional advice in this case. Once you have finished draining the water heater, shut off the valve and refill it with clean cold tap water.

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