How to Keep Your Plumbing Pipes Not Freezing

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Winter can be especially hard on household plumbing. Crawl spaces, basements, and outside walls are particularly susceptible to freezing, so it is vital to protect them from the cold. Frozen pipes can lead to a variety of costly repairs. The following tips will help you keep your plumbing pipes from freezing and prevent them from bursting. This article explains how to keep your pipes from freezing.

Make sure that your pipes are well-insulated. The Building Research Council recommends 20 degrees Fahrenheit for the optimum temperature. Uninsulated pipes can easily freeze. You will know if a pipe has frozen if it starts trickling. If the pipes have been frozen for a long time, they can burst and cause flooding. Follow these tips to keep your pipes from freezing. The best way to prevent your plumbing from freezing is to keep the temperature in your home at around 55 degrees. Below this temperature, pipes will freeze and burst.

During cold winter months, it is advisable to turn off the water main by your water meter. You should also leave the faucets on while the ice melts. The pressure from frozen water can break the pipes, causing water leaks and damages to other surfaces. To avoid these problems, consider turning the heating system off. Leaving the water running while the pipes are melting can prevent freezing.

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