Hunt Down Your Water Theif

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If given the opportunity, would you stop someone from stealing from you?

You protect your home from break-ins with alarms and cameras, why not protect your plumbing from floods with proper maintenance?

You can easily protect your home from disaster with a water pressure test gauge found at your local hardware store. This devise allows you to see if you have a potential leak and only takes a few minutes to perform this inspection.

Here are two ways to use this device on your home:

  • Is the water thief in your home?
    Screw this gauge on your front hose bib and turn off the water to your home with the ball valve located toward the bottom of your water service. Let it sit for 15 minutes and come back. If the gauge drops in pressure, you have a potential water leak, a thief in your home. Call us to hunt them down! If the gauge holds pressure, this is good, time to check the water line between the meter and your home.
  • Is the water thief outside of your home?
    Turn the water back on to your home by opening the ball valve you turned off for step one. Then turn off the water at the meter box located in the ground at the front of your home. Your local hardware store has a Meter Key for under twenty dollars if needed. There is an added feature on the test gauge, the red needle. We recommend no higher water pressure than 65 PSI to protect your plumbing. Set the red needle on zero and leave it attached to your hose bib overnight. When you check the pressure in the morning, the red needle should be near or around 65 psi if working properly. If you see a spike overnight and the red needle has jumped past 65 psi, your pressure regulator has stopped working properly. These regulators typically go bad within 4-7 years. When the water entering your home is under too much pressure, fixtures and valves in your home start breaking down, creating leaks and could potentially lead to flooding.

Included in our Ben Society membership, we visit your home once a year to perform a whole home safety inspection and flush your water heater if you cannot do so yourself. With proper maintenance and inspection of your whole home plumbing system, disaster can be avoided in the future.

Don’t let that water thief rob you of your hard-earned money!