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Kitchen Drain Clog Help from Your Favorite Phoenix Plumber

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Phoenix Plumber gives 3 tips to help prevent kitchen drain clogs:

  1. Put down only small amounts of food in the disposal as you run the disposal.
  2. Follow small amounts of food with a half of a sink of water, before adding any more food down the disposal.
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 in order, to be sure all the food gets all the way through the disposal and pipes under the sink without clogging the drain line.

Watch our video here for more helpful tips.

As your local Phoenix plumber, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing also advises never to put down potato skins, carrot skins and stringy type food in your disposal, there is much more risk of having a kitchen drain clog with these foods then many other types of foods.

There are many choices when it comes to disposals that your can help prevent kitchen drain clogs. Everyone uses their disposal differently, by us knowing this: we can help with the right choice to meet your needs. Our Phoenix Plumbers carry many choices on our trucks to help you avoid any kitchen drain clogs.