Kitchen Sink Clogged In Phoenix? Call Our Experienced Plumbers

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Whether you’re in the middle of cooking dinner or washing dishes, you don’t want to suddenly discover the water is no longer going down the drain. Hard as you may try to correct the problem yourself, doing too much without knowing what you’re doing may make a bad situation worse. Rather than take a simple repair and turn it into a major issue, call an experienced plumber here at Ben Franklin Plumbing.

Quick Phoenix Plumbing Service
Once you give us a call, you can count on us being at your home as fast as possible. Knowing you lead a busy life and don’t need a clogged drain slowing you down, we do all we can to arrive at your home, fix the problem, and get the water once again flowing smoothly down the drain.

A Warehouse on Wheels
When a Ben Franklin plumber arrives to fix your kitchen’s clogged drain, they will do so by driving what we like to call a “Warehouse on Wheels.” By this, we mean that once that blue van drives up in front of your home, you’ll know the plumber will have not only the standard parts and other items needed for most plumbing jobs, but also specialty parts should they be required. In fact, our plumbers can service well over 90% of all residential plumbing jobs with the parts they have in their vans, saving you time as well as money.

Jobs Big and Small
Even if you think your kitchen’s clogged drain may be no big deal, you never know. While it may be a simple clog that can be taken care of within minutes, it may also be the sign of something more than you expected. To know for sure, you’ll need the expertise of a Ben Franklin plumber. Along with no job being too big or small for us to handle, you can also count on us to tell you exactly what needs to be done and exactly how much it will cost.

Rather than worry about that clogged drain, contact us here at Ben Franklin Plumbing by calling us today at 602-282-5007.