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Peoria Plumbing Winterize

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Peoria Plumbing Winterize.  It’s time to winterize again.  Arizona is a hot Place.  Places like Peoria don’t often have to put much thought into winterizing their plumbing. That’s more of a Flagstaff, Snow Flake issue.  You know, places where it snows. Places where you might go skiing this winter.   People in Peoria may need to know how to winterize too.  Here are five things every homeowner can do him/herself to check your plumbing for the winter, especially if you’ll be traveling out of town.Peoria Plumbing Winterize

  1. Know where your main water shut off is. Any pipe or water turn on or offs should be covered before the freezing temperatures begin. Some of these pipes can be wrapped in pipe insulation for all winter whereas some will need to be covered like we cover fruit trees the eve of the freeze.
  2. Turn the main water shut off to be sure it is working properly
  3. Look at all the outside pipes and hose bibs to be sure they are not leaking
  4. Look at the water heater to be sure there are no signs of leaks before it starts being required to work harder.
  5. Locate the sewer system outside black cap clean-out and make sure it is available in case a sewer emergency comes up.

There are those occasions when you need to call in a professional like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the Punctual Plumber. These include:

If you want to drain the water out of the pipes or the entire plumbing system before leaving for time away from your home.

If you want an inspection before the freeze or leaving the home empty to be sure that nothing breaks and causes water damage.

If your main shut-off is not working properly, it should be corrected to allow water to be turned off in case of an emergency.

Now that you know how to winterize you’re ready for winter no matter where you stay.  For plumbing emergencies call Ben Franklin Plumbing today 602-903-1762