Phoenix Plumber | Prep Kitchen and Bath for Fall Guests

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It’s a beautiful time of year in Arizona with mild temperatures and picture-perfect sunny skies. It’s also the start of the busy holiday season. Both of these facts mean that many homes will be hosting guests, whether for a meal, a long weekend or an entire month. This means that everything in your home will get used more, from your dishwasher to your toilets. As your Phoenix plumber, we want to make sure that your home is ready so that you can avoid unexpected plumbing issues and also be free to enjoy your time with your guests.

Here are a few tips for preparing for an influx of house guests in two of your most-used areas,  your kitchen and your bathroom. For even more ideas, remember to check out our Pinterest account:

In the Bathroom

When was the last time YOU used your guest bathroom? It’s a good idea to try it out before guests arrive. Is the toilet flushing on the first try and without extra jiggling? Is the sink working? Is the water hot? Is the showerhead working properly? Do you have a tub mat to help avoid slips? Is the tub draining completely?

Take time to check around the fixtures and the base of the toilet for leaks, too.

On a practical note, it’s also a good idea to make sure you’re stocked up on toilet paper, hand soap and towels. For your guests’ comfort, keep extra bar soap, towels and travel-size toiletries well-stocked and accessible.

In the Kitchen

Too many cooks in the kitchen is a good thing when it comes to the holidays. Extra help with prepping, cooking and washing dishes is always appreciated, just make sure your kitchen is ready to handle it.

Is your kitchen faucet working properly? Is your dishwasher running smoothly? Does your water filtration system or ice maker need attention?

Now would be a good time to clean your garbage disposal, simply run some ice cubes through it along with a lemon to clean out the gunk and freshen it up.

Consider having extra dishwashing liquid, hand soap and towels on hand as well as necessities like cooking spray, foil, food storage containers and common spices so you’re not running out to the store at the last minute.

It’s worth thinking about to take this opportunity to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom fixtures to ones that save water or offer added convenience like hands-free options.

If any of your kitchen or bath plumbing needs attention this holiday season, or you need help choosing new fixtures, don’t hesitate to contact your Chandler plumber today. (602) 273-1740