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Preventing Damage From Roots Starts Small

One of the things we are often called in for is drain clogs. The most common culprit is roots growing into your home’s pipes.

We once had a customer who had roots growing all the way up and around the base of the toilet, eventually causing the entire main line to clog. An emergency main line sewer clog can cause a lot of damage and stress. We don’t want that to happen to you.

On the other hand, while performing an annual inline sewer line inspection for a different home owner, we found the roots closing up the inside flow of the sewer pipe and were able to clean them out before they caused bigger problems. We were also able to apply our root treatment to avoid more roots from growing in and causing more damage to the sewer line, preventing the entire sewer line from being replaced.

So how can you keep roots from growing into your plumbing system?

First, it’s important for people to know that roots can continue to grow once the tree or shrub is removed. Roots are also very strong and, because they are underground, often go unnoticed until a backup occurs or an inline camera inspection is preformed.

Second, you are probably wondering what can be done to prevent roots from growing into your pipes. The answer is small, and might seem overly simple but it’s true—prevention begins with fixing small leaks and small cracks early on. It’s important to keep trees or shrubs with big roots away from the sewer pipes. The reason is, water makes the roots grow and big roots can cause pressure on pipes and their connections. They can then creep into the smallest opening and expand even more once they’re in the pipe. Eventually they can expand enough to break the pipe open.

Lastly, I cannot stress it enough: to avoid the damage and hassle of dealing with a clog you find with no warning, I highly recommend having an inline sewer line camera performed on a yearly basis. The truth is, if we don’t stop your tree roots from clogging your drains, nothing will.

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