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Short List of Plumbing Services offered by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

You may not know all of the plumbing services our Chandler Plumbing Company offers.  Also, if we installed it in your home, we will also repair it.  Here is a list of  the most common repairs in plumbing:

plumbing services

  • Reverse osmosis drinking water systems
  • water softeners
  • whole house water filters
  • all name brands of water heaters: tank / tankless / hybrid / solar, etc.
  • all recurculating pumps: sump pumps / sewage pumps / pressure valves/ hose bibs / main shut offs
  • all types of water pipes: sewer line / garbage disposals / ice maker valves
  • all types of toilets
  • all types of faucets
  • shower or tub handles
  • shower or tub spouts
  • ice maker
  • water lines
  • bidets

We also offer shower door replacement and relining of the inside water lines.

We’ll be talking all about repairs in October.  We plan to have more “Did you know?” trivia and monthly maintenance tips.  Stay tuned!