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Water Conservation for Valley Cities

Water conservation is a hot topic, especially in the dry Phoenix valley. We are fortunate that so many of our valley cities offer excellent resources for water conservation. As your Phoenix plumber, we wanted you to be aware of what is available in your area. We will be highlighting the water conservation tools and resources for various cities across the valley, starting this month with Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale.


“Careful management of water has allowed the City to prosper in a desert setting. Even though Chandler has an adequate supply of water, we need to use our most precious resource wisely. Our practices today will have profound effects on the future.

The City offers a number of free resources, informational materials and programs to help its residents conserve water for future use.”

Discover more about rebate programs, free water audits, free landscape and irrigation workshops, help for HOAs, water quality, water fun for kids and much more. There’s even a NEW online design tool!  Water Saving Plants

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“The City of Phoenix has been delivering clean, reliable water supplies to homes, businesses, industries and other area customers for more than 100 years. Our successes have come from engaging our customers in planning for our water supply needs, and promoting the responsible use of water. The information you will find here will help you and others in our community become more effective stewards of our vital water resources.

Visit us for the resources you need to answer your questions about water and water-saving strategies.”

Get drought information, water tips for your home and business and more.

For educators, learn more about Project WET (Water Education fo r Teachers), an award winning, nationwide program that teaches youth at all grade levels about the scientific and social importance of water, where it comes from, how to protect the sources, and how to use water without waste.

Also check out this interactive site to learn where your water comes from, and how to be efficient with water.

Water Conservation

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Here you’ll find how-to videos, water efficiency tips for your home and business, rebate information, xeriscape gardening tips and free workshops: Water Conservation.

Scottsdale’s Water Conservation Office also announced the arrival of its newest publication in March, you can view the digital version here: Scottsdale Water Conservation.

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“The mission of the Water Conservation Office is to provide a comprehensive water conservation program that promotes efficient water use by providing the information and inspiration needed—to save water. Established in 1985, Glendale’s Water Conservation Office offers a variety of programs.”

Along with “Water Conservation News Your Can Use,” you can find out how to reduce your use, read your water meter, take a class, select and care for trees, landscape design, visit the demo garden and volunteer. There are also many opportunities for educators and students, including a fieldtrip to the Glendale Xeriscape Demonstration Garden.

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We hope you find these water conservation resources helpful. If you should need help with how to save water in your home or business, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ. (602) 273-1740