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There are many reasons to install a water filter. The two most common reasons are to remove odor and improve taste. However, a reason that usually goes unnoticed and yet is one of the most important is a filter that has the capabilities to remove contaminants that resist the Phoenix city water treatments. Almost all drinking water filters remove the chemical chlorine that is the main cleansing component that our cities choose to filter our tap water with. However, other contaminants may still be present.

Scientists and researchers have stated that prolonged exposure to even a low level of chemical contaminants, which normally passes through EPA standards, can increase the risk of cancer.

Have you read the EPA report of cities in Maricopa County? If not click here to see what the EPA says about what is in our water.

A recent release from President Obama states that a water filter is one of the easiest and most inexpensive steps a family can take towards preventing cancer.  The President’s Cancer Panel, made up of scientist and physicians, has released a report on reducing environmental cancer risks. “Filtering home tap or well water can decrease exposure to numerous known or suspected carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals,” states the report.

The panel also suggests switching over to stainless steel or glass bottles because of the contaminants that can leak into the water from a plastic water bottles, whether that bottle is reusable or not. The exposure to these chemicals is also increased by heat so for Phoenicians the best option is a filtered system because of our already hard water, water supply. Then for transporting water around in these last few hot months consider the ease of a reusable bottle in the form that will be sure to last and give you the best health results.

Surpised by all these reports??  Don’t worry, you can protect yourself and your family.

  • Have you tested your home water lately? Protect your family and yourself, test your water every six months to be sure your showering and protecting your plumbing system with better water.
  • Our team has many years of qualified water treatment training and experience to be able to test your water and advise you how your current system is performing or not.

Thank you for reading this post, I would like to offer you a free home water test in our service area, contact us today and mention this blog post for your free water test.