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Local Phoenix plumber wants to help you save money this Fall by being proactive about your plumbing repairs and rental properties.

It’s almost fall in Arizona. Kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping and snowbirds are returning soon. This time of year reminds us why we live here. We have blue skies, mild temperatures and we finally get to enjoy outdoor activities again! But, why does that concern your Phoenix plumber?

There are also special concerns and challenges that are unique to Arizona plumbers and Phoenix plumbers in particular. Here are a few and some tips for how to handle them.

 1. Arizona residents waste water.

We live in a desert where water conversation is very important. There are plenty of tips about saving water on our Ben Franklin AZ website and blog along with many online sources. The main idea is to be aware of how you’re using your water and make small steps to cut back. Consistent small changes over time really do make a big impact.

2. Homeowners wait until their plumbing breaks or malfunctions before making repairs.

The key to avoiding a plumbing emergency (and potentially costly repairs and even water damage) is simple: maintenance.

3.  Arizona neighborhoods have a lot of rentals and vacant homes.

Our Phoenix plumbers often do work in homes that simply haven’t been properly maintained, either because they are empty or because the people renting the property aren’t taking care of the home like it’s their own. If you’re renting, ask your landlord to send out a plumber to do an inspection. If you own a rental property or have a vacant home, remember to schedule routine maintenance.

Are you wondering if your plumbing system is wasting water? Is your plumbing speaking to you and you want to catch any problems early? Do you have a vacant home or a rental property that needs to be inspected or maintained? Your Phoenix plumber is eager to help! (602) 273-1740