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Here at Benjamin Franklin “The Punctual Plumber”, we pride ourselves on being able to take care of all of our customers concerns.  Many times this includes Pipe repairs.  Whether it’s a sewer line in the yard, under a sink or your water lines in your home, we are here 24 hours a day 365 days a year to make sure they are operating properly and safely.

Sewer lines in your yard may become inoperable because of incorrect installation from the very beginning and may not show up for years.  Many times we find root intrusion to be the cause of sewers not working properly.  No matter the problem we can repair your pipes back to better than new.

We also find water lines in your home can be a problem for many reasons.  Improper installation can cause slab leaks.  The occasional freezing temperatures we experience and just plain old aging of lines can be a problem.

If you need gas pipe repairs, give us a call!

We can perform pipe repairs on all types of pipes:

  • Copper water lines
  • PEX water lines
  • PVC water/sewer lines
  • ABS sewer lines
  • Clay sewer lines
  • Galvanized gas lines
  • Black pipe gas lines

We often find that the valves under each sink are old and corroded and when there is a problem you cannot turn off the water.  This is a hazard and can cause untold dollars of damage by not being able to turn off the water and flooding your home.

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help with all of these repairs and many more.  Just give us a call at 602-282-5007 and we will be right out to help!