Pipes need TLC too

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Your bathroom can quickly become a haven for germs and life-threatening bacteria. This is one of the major reasons it is essential to maintain a regular cleaning schedule with your home’s drains and pipes. So, make sure your shower and bathtub are safe from clogs, mineral deposits, and life-threatening bacteria before your next bubble bath.

When Texas A&M University microbiologist Rita Moyes, PhD tested 43 water samples from whirlpools, she found that all 43 had mild to dangerous bacterial growth.  Almost all showed bacteria from fecal matter; 81% had fungi, and 34% contained staph bacteria.  According to Moyes, the main reason whirlpool tubs are so dirty has to do with the lining of the pipes.  Water tends to get trapped in the pipes, providing a breeding ground for bacteria.  When the jets are turned on, the germy water spouts out into the tub where homeowners will be soaking.

  1. Flush the drains, toilets and grease traps at least once a month withBioBen. This will keep your pipes clear and issues resulting from clogged plumbing at bay. BioBen does not contain any hazardous chemicals, so you never have to worry about sacrificing environmental safety for the sake of a clean and functioning drain.
  2. Fill each sink to the brim, and then pull up the stopper.The volume and weight of the water will completely fill the drain pipe and flush the drain line. Once every three months, fill every sink and tub in your house with water. With the help of friends or family members simultaneously pull all the drain stoppers up and flush all toilets in your house. This large volume of water will help flush out the larger sized drain stacks and underground pipes.
  3. Soak each showerhead in vinegar overnight and scrub off excess mineral deposits in the morning. This will help maximize water pressure. Simply tie a plastic bag filled with a cup of vinegar around your showerhead before bed and remove in the morning.

Pipes should be given a cleaning every six months by a professional plumbing service. In addition, to cleaning pipes and drains, Ben Franklin looks closely at pipes for cracks and breaks.  Cracks in the pipes can cause leaks, which can ultimately lead to damaged cabinetry, ceilings and flooring, mold and even termites.

Regular cleaning of drains and pipes can prevent clogging, flooding, breeding of bacteria and preserves the condition of fixtures and the health of the occupants of the home.  Scheduling time to do a check-up on the piping in your home may be the best and most important choice to make.