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5 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Plumber Before Buying a Home in Phoenix

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Buying a home in the Phoenix area can be an exciting time as you make an investment in your future. However, it’s important not to let that excitement cloud your judgment. While a home inspection is a step in the right direction, we also recommend having your plumbing inspected by a licensed plumber. Some of the most important reasons to do so can be found below.

1. Identify Leaks

One of the most important reasons to have your pipes looked at is to identify any leaks that may be present. Even if your home is relatively new, you might be surprised by the fact that leaks can appear quickly. If you’re buying an older place, leaks could be wreaking havoc behind your walls without you realizing it. With an inspection, you’ll have peace of mind that no surprise leaks will appear soon after your purchase.

2. Find Potential Problems

When your Phoenix, AZ home’s plumbing is inspected by a professional, they can determine if there are any minor or major issues present. This information can help you negotiate a better price or simply give you an idea of what work will need to be done when you move in. Remember, most plumbing issues are not found during a routine home inspection. By having a plumber take a more in-depth look at your pipes, you can learn quite a bit more.

3. Determine the Health of Pipes

Unhealthy pipes can rust, break, and even burst when you least expect it. Unfortunately, this can lead to water damage and subsequently a lot of time and money spent trying to take care of repairs. If you want to know if the pipes in your home are in good shape, then have one of our plumbers in Phoenix, AZ take a look. We’ll do a thorough inspection to give you the most accurate information about the health of the pipes within the home you’re buying.

4. Avoid Surprises When Moving in

Having a plumber Scottsdale or Phoenix look at your new home’s plumbing can help you avoid surprises when moving in. This can mean being able to avoid hiring an emergency plumber or knowing what you’ll spend when you do take ownership.

5. Give You Upgrade Advice

Phoenix plumbers can give you advice on what upgrades will be best for your new home. This can help with budgeting or even determining if the house is the right choice for you.

When it comes to buying a home in Phoenix, AZ, it’s important to look at the plumbing. If you need a licensed plumber in Phoenix, our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help.