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Plumbing home improvement tips: PVC Pipes are no longer just for plumbing repairs

Plumbers, like all of us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, enjoy when customers call us for plumbing home repair but what most people don’t know is we also love home improvement. Whether its for bathroom installments, a kitchen sink, switching out fixtures or switching PVC to copper pipe. BUT what we really love are the crazy, one of a kind products. We have previously featured some examples of bathtubs, sinks and even toilets that are truly one of a kind.

However, we have recently found ways to decorate using plumbing fixtures. To us, nothing is more fun then seeing plumbing materials not only being used for plumbing repair, but also in creative and unique ways (especially when its easy DIY Projects that after reading our tips you can take home and try yourself!).  Although many find it hard to believe, plumbing pipe doesn’t just have to be the home for your water source, it can also be used for organization and functionality purposes, fun and funky accessories or be completely revamped into stylish decor.

Here is a few ways we’ve found you can use PVC Plumbing Pipe that you can find at your local hardware store. Prices will vary depending on the size and thickness but overall is still fairly inexpensive.

The best part about PVC piping is the variety of sizes it comes in, making it fun no matter what kind of project you’re working on. We hope you enjoy looking at the range of these plumbing materials in our Do It Yourself Projects: PVC Pipe Edition.

Need some more organization in your bathroom? Look no further.. get it? Because with these open PVC containers every things actually neat and easy to find!

Whether you set the containers out in the open, or install them in cabinets for extra storage, there is no denying how easy and hassle free the open PVC pipes make organization seem! (and did we mention they’re cheap!?)

The best part is how multi-functional they are. Make one for your bathroom, your garage tools..

Even for your children’s play rooms..because plumbing materials no longer belong just in your bathroom so why not experiment?

How about using PVC for organizing larger items? Or in my case for instance, larger quantities of an item.. like my shoes. PVC pipes can easily turn a collectors nightmare into an easy, organized assortment. Just look below to see not only how neat my shoes ended up, but how easy it was to actually build and put together.

The best part is if you have children, you can keep the stacked barrels low to the ground so they can be just as easily organized. You could even turn part of the Do It Yourself project into an arts and crafts decorating project for them to stay involved.

But what about a display for an adult?

Tune in for our next DIY: Plumbing Projects Breakdown to learn exactly how you can replicate this Cru Wine Rack by Umbra currently retailed at $150 for just $20!!

Then there’s always adding sleek pvc touches to furniture pieces. Yes, the newest rage in home decor is actually plumbing materials can you believe it?
The clean lines of the round pvc when sliced into thin pieces will revamp anything into a modern one of a kind statement.

Need some extra seating? For all of the DIY Overachievers, you could always attempt something like this:

So we hope you enjoyed our DIY projects: plumbing home improvements. If you feel compelled to pick up some PVC pipes on your next trip to the store and decide to experiment make sure you send us your finished project and the work in progress so we can feature it on a future blog post. Hope you check back for our future break down on select PVC home decor, home improvement tips and holiday projects!

Hope you enjoyed some new ways to use PVC pipes from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 602-485-1111.