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Plumbing Tips: If you Leave Your Arizona Home Vacant for the Summer

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Many Arizonians travel to cooler weather for the summer months. While the exterior of your house and lawn are being maintained, plumbing emergencies can still happen inside your vacant home.

They include:

  • Hot water heater leakage
  • Water line failure
  • Appliance issues
  • Toilet line leaks

The need to address a plumbing emergency as soon as possible is obvious. In a vacant home, minutes of water leakage can quickly turn into hours. Suddenly gallons of water could be damaging your home.

You want to have peace of mind around your home while you are out of town for the summer. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers complete plumbing services for the east and west valley. You can feel confident that your out-of-town plumbing needs will be quickly taken care of by a plumber with over 30 years of experience.

Some residents have neighbors or lawn maintenance personnel looking after their house. If that is the case, have a plumber’s name and contact information such as Benjamin Franklin plumbing with 24×7 emergency service available.

Many home security companies offer a service to have a water sensor installed in key areas of the house. A sensor can give an early warning before the water issue escalates. This can provide an extra layer of confidence in a vacant home knowing that you will be alerted in a water or plumbing emergency. If you have a sensor installed, keep an experienced plumber’s name and number with you while you are out of town.

You should enjoy the summer and your time away. You want to have the assurance that your house will be taken care of. A plumber like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you do that.

When you return home for the fall and winter, in older homes sediment may have built up inside the water supply lines. A quality plumber like Ben Franklin Plumbing in the greater Phoenix area can complete a camera inspection and identify potential issues.