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Renovations: Bathroom Sinks

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Summer is a perfect time for home renovations. Whether you simply come up with the ideas and hire a trusted professional to install the renovations, or decide to make it a do it yourself project, either way, there are endless possibilities.

Over the next few days we will be discussing bathroom renovations from showers, sinks and even toilets, highlighting the top and over the top trends to make your bathroom one of a kind.

Whether you decide to fully renovate your sink, including what the sink dish resides in or just decide to switch the faucets there are several options for any bathroom theme.

A bathroom sink renovation could involve fully replacing the sink bowl or in the form of a do it yourself project you re-design the outside shell of the sink by painting it or using a graphic sticker.

The most popular form of sinks in bathroom design is a vessel sink. Offered in many materials, shapes and colors your vessel sink can either be the key accent piece or a complementary and charming accent to whatever theme you may decide.

If you would like to go fully modern, try an unusual shape for your vessel sink. For a list of the different materials offered in the form of a vessel sink look here.

If you want to start renovations with a small change to your bathroom, start by renovating your faucet. Switching to a sleek and modern silver design like the one above will make a noticeable difference in how you feel about your bathroom, whether it be a master bathroom or a hallway half bath.

If you want to try something fun and unusual when it comes to accent colors, try colors in an LED light. These one of a kind sinks are sure to be an eye-catcher for any guest and will be sure to keep your kids entertained.

Then of course there are also the bathroom renovations that to some are considered over the top

but can truly bring your bathroom theme to the next level.

So whether you choose to begin with bold…

…or subtle differences to your bathroom…

Or decide to take on an entire renovation be sure to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, your guide to a flawless installation.