Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective modern water purification technologies. Originally designed to filter salt out of ocean water it now filters most known water impurities. Reverse Osmosis alone wouldn’t kill everything, but it has a significant role in removing many small, medium and large particles. However, with the added carbon filters and other modern technologies reverse osmosis is arguably the best water filtration method. It is known to filter excess calcium carbonate, chlorine, salts, and even pesticides. With the additional filters it very thoroughly filters excess toxicities that shouldn’t be in your drinking water.

Often we hear from homeowners that their refrigerator filter and under sink filters are starting to produce unappetizing water. When we examine the filters we discover that the filters are often dangerously filled with particles. Water filters need to be changed out yearly. When they are not they begin to make the drinking water more toxic and noxious than just drinking municipal water.
If you’re looking to dramatically improve your home filtration a reverse osmosis filter may be right for you. Talk first with one of our competent plumbing technicians to determine the best water filtration system for your home. Then take advantage of the Ben Society to get regular maintenance.