Safety First

Ben Franklin Plumbing Van
Ben Franklin Plumbing Van


Technicians and employees use safety practices and procedure as a necessity to ensure everyone returns home each night.

Technicians’ trucks are setup to maximize safety. Built with high quality safety racks, shelving and straps before equipment or supplies are added. Inventory is then stocked with secure containers to racks to keep everything in its place and our drivers safe.

While technicians are working in your home, safety is the number one priority. Inventory is taken daily on trucks to ensure all personal protection equipment, or PPE is fully stocked and ready on demand. PPE is a must for working in any condition. Hearing protection, goggles, dust masks, and gloves help ensure that a technician can work without risk damaging their hearing, getting particles in their eyes, breathing in harmful vapors or getting chemicals on their skin. Safety straps are used to help lift heavy items like water heaters, hydraulic lifts and dollies for more extreme material movement.

Keeping everyone safe on the job is just another way that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing goes above and beyond to guarantee the welfare of our employees and by doing so, provide excellent customer satisfaction.