Safety on The Job from the Phoenix Plumber

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Ben Franklin Plumbing Van
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A Phoenix Plumber Shows Tips for Being Safe on the Job

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, ensuring the safety of our employees is a top priority.

It starts in our office where we take extra steps to be sure that all of our phoenix plumber employees have safe chairs and computer screens. We also provide safety glasses and cover-ups for those employees who may be exposed to situations that present health hazards. On hot days, we take special precautions to make certain that our employees can meet our customers’ needs without any extra interruptions.

As for our plumbers, they are trained extensively in safety. In fact, their training is ongoing on a daily basis to ensure that all of our technicians have the knowledge and tools to be safe on the job and to return home safely each night.

We even set up our technicians’ trucks to maximize safety. The trucks are built with safety in mind before equipment or supplies are added. We also have particular racks and boxes to keep everything in its place—and our drivers safe—while driving or working. (insert truck photo)

Once in your home, we take more extra safety measures. We take a daily inventory of our trucks to make sure that safety items are fully stocked and we replace things like fire extinguishers or bandages before leaving for a job. We also utilize safety straps to help lift heavy items like water heaters. Plus, our trucks are built with ramps to carry items in and out, making it safer for everyone.


Keeping everyone safe on the job is just another way that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing goes above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction and the well-fare of our employees.