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Here are some ideas for your fall Pinterest board for spruce-ups as well as bathroom and kitchen decor.

Consider upgrading or changing out your faucets to update your kitchen or bathrooms before your holiday guests arrive. With antique, brushed nickel and rubbed finishes available, it’s easy to find something that suits your style. When searching on Pinterest, search for your current colors and style including keywords like “faucet” or “brushed nickel” to gather ideas. Examples would be “white farmhouse kitchen faucet” or “Tuscan brown bathroom faucet.” Look for images of rooms with your current countertops or colors so you’ll know what will work in your home. Of course if you need help choosing or installing your new faucets anywhere in the Phoenix valley, let your Scottsdale AZ plumber know.

Incorporating fall colors into your decor is also an easy way to make sure that your home says “fall.” Hot fall colors for 2014 include “sangria” (a pinkish plum), mustard yellow, cobalt or royal blue and the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. Just adding orange towels and a few pumpkins around the house can make a big difference.

In the bathroom

Treat yourself to new towels, rugs, a shower curtain or even a fresh paint job in fall colors. Fall-scented hand soaps and air freshener is nice, too. Add fall greenery, candles or artwork for a nice touch. You can even wrap your extra rolls of toilet paper in fall paper so they look like pumpkins! Check it out here:

In the kitchen

Switch out your towels, rugs and kitchen accessories with fall-colored options. Buy a few new kitchen utensils or pot holders in orange, green or red to display. Put out fall-scented hand soap as well.

For Halloween, we spotted a fun project from Canadian Nickel Scrap’n using black paper to make it look like someone (or something) is peeking out of your toilet tank. She just used scrap pieces of black paper, cut on an angle, cut some fingers and punched out the eyes, then taped it to her toilet tank. Check out the picture on our Pinterest board:

Speaking of Halloween, as your Scottsdale AZ plumber, we thought a Halloween costume that looks like you’re using the toilet was very creative. It wouldn’t be hard to make and would certainly be the talk of the neighborhood–plus you could read the newspaper while you take the kids trick-or-treating! Check out the picture here:

Have fun in your kitchen and bathrooms this fall and make sure to check out our other pins. If you should need help from your Scottsdale AZ plumber this fall for projects, an inspection or a spruce-up, contact us at (602) 273-1740.