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Your Scottsdale Az Plumber Advises on Storm Recovery. As the locals already know, the Phoenix valley has seen some powerful storms and record-breaking rain within the last month or so, resulting in damage to trees and property, flooding, power outages and even plumbing issues.

As your Scottsdale AZ plumber, we want to tell you about a few things that will help you deal with Arizona’s summer storms, or rainy weather at any time of the year.

The first is the 48-72 rule. We’ve seen it time and time again–for 48 to 72 hours after a rain storms, we are “flooded” with phone calls about drain issues and clogged drains. Why is this? It is caused by the growth of the roots and debris that can get into the sewer system. The good news is, many of these issues can be cleaned quickly and economically. Don’t hesitate to contact your Scottsdale AZ plumber for help, wherever you live in the valley.

We also know that many of you may be asked to replace a sewer system because of storm damage. If this is the case, we’d be happy to send one of our Scottsdale AZ plumber drain experts to your home with a drain camera to give you a second opinion.

The second is about catch basins and storm drains. They help route water from rains, floods and other ground water into the sewer system and away from vulnerable areas of your home. If they get clogged, it can cause severe flooding that will have lasting damage to your home or business.

How do catch basins and storm drains become clogged? They funnel away harmful debris, such as leaves, paper, rocks, trash and food. If allowed into your sewer system, can clog your drains and result in severe flooding.

How do you prevent floods and backups during heavy rainfall? You have to maintain your catch basins and storm drains on a regular basis. Fortunately, your Scottsdale AZ plumber can perform this maintenance and cleaning check up at your valley home. We will inspect the storm drains and catch basins to determine the cause of any clogs you might be experiencing and clean them out. This involves removing grates and getting into the basins to remove stuck debris. Doing so will help you avoid damage from excessive water, keep a build-up of trash and debris out of your yard and help prevent flooding.

Our best advice is to keep Ben Franklin AZ’s information on hand so that you can call us after a storm or if you suspect that your catch basin or storm drain needs to be maintained. During monsoon season or all year, we’re here to help! (602) 273-1740