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The way a toilet works is pretty universal. Its important to do some research on how your plumbers will fix your toilets, its just as important to do some research on your plumbing company. Maybe we can make it easy for you:

How Does My Toilet Work

Toilets generally work the same. They have a big pipe coming from the floor that pushes water to the main tank known as a cistern that has an action when a button is pushed, or a lever is pulled. Generally toilets are run on a small mechanism. Gravity is involved as well as it forces the water down and cleans the bowl. A simple machination. Though overall they don’t have many moving parts, there are a number of things that can go wrong on a toilet.
Toilets actually are precise machines. If the water that runs during the filling cycle is too much it can overflow. They also always have a minimum amount of water that rests at the bottom. There is an S- bend pipe, it is curved at the bottom that always seals water which serves a number of purposes like preventing germs and can also help your bathroom to avoid smells. The S bend allows the pipes to create a sucking element which properly empties the bowls as well.

parts of a toiletThe tank located in the upper part of the toilet holds generally 1-2 gallons, depending how water efficient and eco friendly your toilet is. When you push the handle or yank the chain, the tank is activated causing water to dump into the bowl in about 3 seconds, which triggers the flush system.

This also effects the chain which is connected to the flapper and the flush valve. By lifting up the flapper, the water is allowed to flow from the tank into the water bowl. It fills the toilet and the small machine creates the siphon effect which removes all the waste. The tank then empties and the water comes into the tank to refill. Viola! The toilet is ready for use again.

This system is pretty universal, but it can break down. You may want to check a few things if your toilet is on the fritz.

What to Check on My Toilet

If your toilet is taking forever to fill up, there are a few things to check out.  Lift the tank cover and first check to see if the chain is too long to the flapper.

You  can also check the water level on the tank, if it is not filling as far as it should, it can make your toilet fill slowly.

You can also check the rim of your toilet to make sure it is not full of gunk.  If you have reviewed these items and its not working, its time to give Ben a call.

Is your toilet mysteriously flushing at random times? Generally this is caused by a worn out flapper valve.  When the flapper is not being properly it allows the water to run which makes the toilet refill.  This can be a bit disturbing late at night and is a waste of water.  If you need help with this give us a call.

The one that seems to happen in Arizona quite often is the dripping toilet.  It may be that your toilet has become loose or that it has cracks in the piping.

What to Look for in a plumber.

Because toilets are pretty universal, fixing them is a matter of expertise and frankly, honesty. This is where some research on your plumber comes in handy.

Ask them if they are licensed. This is a big issue in Arizona. You want to make sure your plumber has the proper training and is licensed to handle these problems. Dealing with plumbing is a big responsibility and can lead to future damage if not done properly

Find out what there policy is if they break something or if the job is not done right. The last thing you want is to be stuck with the bill for a job you had nothing to do with. Are they cleaning up the mess when they leave? What do they do if the toilet they worked on breaks in an hour?

Also, will they be on time??? You don’t want to wait hours because your plumber is not available. Its just not feasable to be in your house for a long time with bad plumbing. Make sure they can be held accountable for the time they say they will be arriving at your home or office.

Our Hat…

We’d like to throw our hat into the ring when it comes to quality plumbing done right in Arizona.  Our plumbers are licensed and are always being trained on the latest ways to improve our service.

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