Solar Water Heater: Appliance Rebates Round 2 in Arizona

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Arizona is offering round two of the AZ Appliance Rebates program for homeowners who install a New Solar Hot Water Heater System.  Solar water heaters are a great way to save on utilities and work well in the Phoenix AZ area.  As of today the AZ Appliance Rebates had over $1,100,000 available to homeowners wanting to install an Energy Star rated Solar water heater.

Curtis with New Solar Water Heater

Our Phoenix utility companies still have money for rebates, plus the Federal and State Government incentives remain in place.

Do you feel a little hot these days?  Why not use that free sunshine to heat up your hot water all year long?

In my prior blog on Solar Water Heaters you can read the details about what the utility companies are offering in rebates.

I have listed the differences in the Solar Water Heater options available to heat your water in my blog on May 8, 2010.  Still need more?  How ’bout this list?

Top Ten Reasons to Go With Solar Hot Water:

  1. Save money on energy bills while energy companies increase their rates.  The sun can heat hot water for free.
  2. More rebates equal more savings.  Get your slice of the pie  to change over to  a Solar Hot Water.
  3. Right now we have great Solar Hot Water products that will offer you the most flexibility and look great on your roof.
  4. We have a reliable, low maintenance solar water system that will work  on 90% of all Phoenix area homes.
  5. Arizona gives us the most sunny days in the nation, year round.  If you have a house here, shouldn’t you take advantage of it?
  6. Arizona is one of the top states offering rebates to help homeowners pay for their new Solar Hot Water Heater.
  7. Going Solar is simple and you will not notice any water temperature delivery difference when installed by our professional service techs.  What you will notice is your utility bill savings.
  8. Solar Hot Water works with both Electric and Gas water heaters.
  9. You may use the same water heater you have currently, if you want.
  10. HOA’s cannot prohibit installation of a Solar Water Heater Panel on your roof.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this has helped, don’t forget to look into solar hot water soon.  We expect the rebate money will go quickly and suggest you schedule a consultation.  Request your  free quote (available to all homeowners that mention this blog post before September 1, 2010), call us at 602-485-1111.

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