Solar Water Heater Rebates Continue in Phoenix

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By now you have probably heard about Solar Rebates from utility companies drying up or rebate amounts being reduced in Arizona.  Unfortunately the reporting has caused confusion since “solar” in most news reports is about “electrical” solar panel systems.   The solar water heater and solar electric panel rebates are separate programs in the Phoenix area utility companies.  This is good news if you are considering a Solar Hot Water System.

Electrical Solar System:

Some words used for electrical solar systems include Solar Panels, Photovoltaic or “PV” panels, this type of system is  used to run electrical energy in the home or business, etc.


Hot Water Heater Solar Systems:

Solar Hot Water systems include words like active or passive solar hot water systems.  Each of these systems are better defined in my prior blog called Solar Hot Water Heater options.

Currently both Phoenix utility companies, SRP and APS are still offering great rebate dollar amounts for Solar Hot Water Systems.  SRP still supports both solar water heater rebates and solar electrical rebates.  The rebates have rules and dates in order to qualify.  The dollar amount of the rebate for solar hot water heater systems are calculated by the efficiency of the system being used.  Review the  links for the most up to date current rebate amounts.

APS Solar electrical and Solar Water Heater rebate information can be found by clicking here .  Like SRP, they use SRCC  ratings to calculate the solar hot water heater rebate amount.

SRCC Rating is the rating that solar hot water and swimming pool systems receive from The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, an independent rating program that tests and certifies each solar hot water heater system to let us know how efficient one is over another.  Our utility companies use these ratings to calculate the rebates.

Please don’t believe the media stories heard around Phoenix, telling you that there is no more help for any solar here.   Phoenix still has monetary support so you can save on Solar Hot Water Heater Systems, but don’t procrastinate as they will eventually run dry too.  Please remember that most of the media alerts lately have been referring to Solar Electrical System Rebates dwindling quickly.

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